Miriam Ponsa

Dones aviadores

Otoño-invierno 2016-17

Dones Aviadores is a tribute to all women who defied the canons of their time and made headway in aeronautics.

The courage of their dream is my inspiration to create this collection.

The toughness and admiration for the pioneering female aviators is reflected in the prominence of oversize pieces and jumpsuits reminiscent of work-wear. Masculinized aviation atmosphere is felt throughout the collection.

Straps and elastic bands recalling parachutes are present all along the collection. The metallic closures and multiple zippers enable manifold possibilities of form and symbolize iron, motor, and all the technical part of flying apparatus.

The fabrics are mostly cotton, wool and cotton/silk which make the garments comfortable and protective. Cow leather and technical fabrics also feature heavily. Coveralls protect and insulate from the cold.

Macrame technique is used with big diameter cords implying the importance of this art at the ribbon industry.

Wool and mohair are hand-knitted and ribbed cotton and wool fabrics are machine-knitted.

Muted colors like a variety of gray and black are predominant. Colors that evoke the effort and tenacity of female aviator