In the ice cold winter of 1939, more than 470,000 people crossed the border into France, pushed by the advance of Franco’s troops. Many families were forced to leave their homes and the evacuation of children out of the country was constant. Most intellectuals of the time were exiled abroad, and that was how a part of our culture was silenced, rendered voiceless in its own territory.

This collection pays homage to all those exiled men and women. The grief and suffering of a forced journey are the essence of the ideas on which the collection is based.

The layering reminds of the blankets worn on the journey. Oversized shapes are employed to allow for multiple layers below.
The exaggerated volumes achieved through woolen fabrics symbolize the burden of the exiles fleeing war and dictatorship.

The technique of knitting is one of the pillars of the collection. It is combined with wool, pre shrunk with silk, manipulated with latex and embroidered with wool wick, symbolizing the warmth of the home and the land being abandoned.

The defense against violence is represented by highly structured pieces reminiscent of armor of the past. We work with very wide elastic tape and cotton and wool tape.

Exiled children used to wear identification which we have reinterpreted in the collection.

The combination of classic and practical pieces serves to achieve the same functionality required during the journey. The overalls are inspired by the period originals.

Suitcases, as symbols of the journey, of a new life and of change are amply present in the collection.

We work with 100% wool fabric, wool and silk, cotton and wool. Knitted fur, wool and mohair. Research in latex on wool also plays an important role and facilitates the desired old and used look.

Muted colors like gray, khaki and black predominate. Colors that evoke melancholy and suffering.